Computer Maintenance

Almost every computer system accumulates unwanted software and bugs over time. While most of this 'junk' is harmless, it will inevitably contribute to declining performance and 'quirks'. 

If your computer has become slow in general, or stubborn with specific tasks, we have the tools and experience to restore its proper, unhampered operation. 

Service doesn't stop when you leave the shop.

All of our customers know that a phone call or quick visit in person is welcome and even encouraged. In a moment of confusion, frustration or alarm, reach out to us or call 250.716.5725 for advice or a quick tip to get you back on track.

Data Recovery

Have you lost a file, or maybe the contents of an entire hard drive? There is a good chance that we can get your data back, without breaking the bank. We don't charge for giving bad news, so there's no reason not to seek our help.

Tech Support Scams

Not everyone is sincere about their helpful intentions. Phone calls and on screen messages from folks claiming to be Microsoft or other service providers who want to remove infections from your computer are almost always scams.

These people are criminals and will try to take your money. They provide no valuable service, only doing harm to your computer system and making it more vulnerable to future attacks and compromise.

If your system has been compromised, trust R-U Computing to get you back up-and-running. We pride ourselves on providing a judgement-free environment, so don’t worry about feeling like you’ve done something wrong.

If We Can’t Help, We’ll Find Help

We’re the first to admit that we don't always have all of the answers. However, we appreciate any opportunity to add to our growing bag of tricks.

So direct your technical curiosities our way – we will either figure it out or refer you to someone in our network who is best suited on helping resolve your specific issue.